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DROVE Roble Blanco Salvaje

131-1328-9898911 | DROVE Roble Blanco Salvaje
93 proof – A char 2 barrel with a medium toast and Madagascar vanilla beans are added to the barrel. It provides this product with a bourbon mouthfeel. The finish described by tasters is vanilla finish with hints of caramel. The vanilla finish takes about 3 to 5 seconds after the tasting. Be sure to take your time with this product to experience the full flavor profile. This product is popular in an Old Fashioned (using agave, not sugar), neat or on a solid, large ice cube. Salvaje, as it is referred to in the distillery, is the number 1 seller of the DROVE line out of the distillery. In March of 2020, it won in the San Francisco World Spirits event. It was the only winner in the category for a product made in the USA.
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