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WHD Whiskey 90

131-1328-9898912 | WHD Whiskey 90
90 proof – This whiskey is distilled in Tennessee by the Tennessee Distilling Company using a WHD recipe. This sour mash whiskey mash bill includes corn, rye and barley. It is barreled in a new white American oak #3 & #4 char barrel for 4 to 6 months. Afterwards, it is transferred to a second new white American Oak barrel. The unique #2 char barrel is also medium toasted and rests for an additional 6 weeks. Since the second barrel is unique (nontraditional), it has cross cuts and honey combs inside the barrel itself. It provides a straight whiskey flavor without the typical age time needed in a traditional barrel. The unique barrels also have less tannins than a traditional barrel leaving behind on the palate a smooth, rich flavor.
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